Investing in the New Normal

Beyond the Keynesian endpoint

In one sense, it is easy to be a liberal or a conservative. One’s daily life does not change much one way or the other. In modern democracies, political philosophy often seems to be more of a fashion item than a practical matter. How much do one’s views affect one’s routine? But when it comes to investing, world-view suddenly becomes crucial. How one appraises capitalism, socialism, and democracy affects the way one views the future, how one views opportunity, how one decides to apply the “mammon of unrighteousness” he or she has been fortunate enough to accumulate.

Unfortunately, political philosophy and economic doctrine, whether of the right or of the left, leave one in the lurch precisely at the point where it is needed: in determining how to invest.

The Left’s dedication to government spending seems to dictate apathy on the part of the investor – Keynes’s “euthanasia of the rentier” – while the Right’s incessant doomsaying seems to dictate abdication from productive investment, the flight to gold and guns, the ultimate retreat: behind the walls of a fortress.

Investing in the New Normal: Beyond the Keynesian Endpoint provides an alternative vision. Building upon foundational, indeed groundbreaking, economic theory, it offers a view of the world based on hard facts and reality on the ground, and points the way to the economic opportunities which, in fact, abound. It is just a matter of refocusing. Reorientation: one needs to see the world as it is, not as this or that theory says it is. Investing in the New Normal enables one to do that. And the benefit of this is, one can then see more clearly which of the myriad alternatives out there actually make sense. Investment strategy then becomes, if not a piece of cake, at least doable.

So if you’re tired of the doomsaying and the lack of investment alternatives – if you simply don’t know which way to go in this “New Normal” marketplace – then consider Investing in the New Normal. It might pay for you to do so – literally and figuratively.

ISBN (paper): 978-90-76660-13-4


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