We live in an age of fragmentation, and that is nowhere more apparent than in the world of thought and ideas. Universities were supposed to integrate knowledge — instead, they divide it up into mutually exclusive compartments. And to salvage a form of unity, they throw on a sauce of ideology, to which one must swear allegiance or be excommunicated. The world of mass communication is just as infected with ideology, combined with ever-more-titillating consumerism. Politics is the struggle of interest groups for a piece of the pie, regardless of the common good, covered up by faux indignation and the rhetoric of the activist.

Radical subjectivism rules the roost. Wisdom? Good luck with that.

WordBridge Publishing has as its purpose the generation and publication of materials that recover this lost category of wisdom, seeking for unity in diversity, for integration of the disparate fragments of knowledge and experience. The paradigm of common law serves to provide this integrating framework. The works presented here exemplify one element or another of this unifying principle.

In translation, in reprint, and in original production, WordBridge is dedicated to bridge-building through the written word, linking the various and sundry bodies of separate knowledge into a comprehensive, mutually illuminating whole. The time has come to overcome the self-imposed balkanization of knowledge.