Technology and Christianity

Essays on the Interface

Egbert Schuurman

Date of publication: August 27th, 2024

The Enlightenment of the 18th century ushered in a new order of the ages, one in which man displaced God as the central focus of both thought and practice. This has had consequences. For one thing, man has taken up the supposedly vacated role of Providence. How has he done it? Not least by gaining an increasing mastery over nature, a mastery enabled by technology. The tools provided by technology have undeniably brought great blessing, but they have also brought new and unprecedented problems. Such powerful tools have given mankind opportunities for good but also for evil, and he has taken advantage of both.
In this series of articles written and published over a period of 50 years, Egbert Schuurman elucidates this complex and difficult relationship. Technology has generated a material culture capable of providing undreamed-of wealth and welfare but likewise has brought labor displacement, environmental damage, weaponry of devastating destructive capacity, and possibilities of societal control only dreamed of by history’s tyrants.
Schuurman expands on all of these consequences, and he does so from a unique perspective, that of the once-dominant but since-displaced perspective of Christianity. In doing so, he demonstrates not only that there are opportunities as well as difficulties involved in the ever-expanding dominance of technology, but also that Christianity can provide the framework for properly assessing and implementing the responsible application of technology. But for this to happen, the sorcerer’s apprentice needs to recognize his utter dependence on his Creator and Redeemer.

Technology and Christianity is co-published with Paideia Press, Jordan Station, ON, Canada.

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